The art of Italian taste.


How was Bakery Italia born?

Bakery Italia was founded by Massimo Guarnera, an Italian entrepreneur, that always dreamed to give everyone the opportunity to create and manage a small business.

Massimo, who created his own business in the Street Food industry in Panamá with 40 mini Food Trucks that he designed and manufactured, decided to relocate to the USA to launch the Bakery Italia concept.

What is the proposition of Bakery Italia?

Bakery Italia will offer the opportunity to everyone, with a small investment of capital, to become an entrepreneur and achieve the success in a very short time, with almost no risks and a great chance of growth, without the need to invest in equipment and without any experience in the food industry.
All products are already produced with a high quality standard.



It is a solid, young and dynamic reality, able to cope even with strong changes such as the one we recently experienced with Covid-19.



The Bakery Italia system allows you to develop your business by guaranteeing all safety measures.



Bakery Italia is not afraid of the future and is ready to win new challenges: this is demonstrated by the evolution of the initial project as soon as changes occur.


Bakery Italia is a point of sales concept for fast food with the leverage and  the quality of Italian food.

For this reason we use one of the Italian iconic APE Piaggio.

The American Dream

We work hard on a concept that could combine various aspects, including retracing – THE AMERICAN DREAM – operating in a territory that offers multiple possibilities to make the leap in quality and not risk a leap in the dark.
In fact, immigration lawyers accredit BAKERY ITALIA as a suitable investment for the E2 VISA application.
To this we add the collaboration accountants and lawyers who will always be a point of reference for any legal and tax aspect in the area.